Legal Case Management – faster.

“My clients have successful, specialized law practices. They don’t want to change the way they work to fit someone else’s software. They want technology that works the way they do. I make that happen.
Gordon Prince, President Tekhelps Inc.
InstantFile makes practices faster and more effective. My clients are professionals that don’t drop the ball because they have great systems—software that helps their businesses.”

Gordon Prince, President
Tekhelps Inc.

Increase your profitability.

  • Customized, paper reduced, law practice management.
  • Less effort wasted looking for paperwork.
  • Reduced staff costs.

Decrease your stress.

  • Deadline notification
  • No action on file notification.
  • When clients call—have their information in front of you.
  • Plain spoken technical support that understands your needs.

InstantFile customizes your existing business software.

InstantFile integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Word.