InstantFile – your law practice on steroids:

InstantFile builds on your existing software and systems to take you to the next level.

The process is EASY. It’s often as simple as showing Gordon what you have and telling him what you want your software to do. Gordon makes the changes – in many cases within minutes and from an offsite location.

  • Software notifies you if nothing has been done on a file.
  • Instantly have all client information at your fingertips when they call.

Get productive with InstantFile

Get productive with InstantFile

The phone rings and your receptionist tells you it’s “John Doe file # 12345”.

You type the file # into your computer and answer the phone. Whatever the caller is calling about is at your fingertips. Details on the last few documents that have been received, the last few comments you and/or any of your staff have made about what’s going on in the file, any documents relating to the file—it’s all right there.

You deal with the caller, make a note about what you did, make a reminder to yourself to follow up or send an email for someone else to follow up. No wasted effort.
Microsoft Article about InstantFile

Microsoft feature article about Tekhelps’ (Technology that Helps) InstantFile system.